National Cup Pumas 28 Jarrow 56

National Cup Pumas 28 Jarrow 56 

Pumas started very well with our wide play and got too good tries to take an early lead but ill discipline and mistakes gave the visitors good field position and they came back in the 2nd and 3rd quarters.  The score was seesawing throughout the game and with 15 to Peterlee were only 6 adrift after an excellent fight back from 4 tries behind.  With no subs left due to injuries though the pack tired and Jarrow were able to rund in some soft tries by scooting from the ruck.  Good Luck to Jarrow in the next round.

Back 3 very good, definite centers did really well, all with try coring opportunities
as did the half backs. Forwards tackled themselves to water last night and kept
us in the fight right till the last 15 I thought where we just had no one to
bring on subs wise. Our mistakes gifted their first four tries which we need to
work on discipline and game awareness. We are in a much stronger position than
we were this time last year though but its going to to be hard so lets get on
it. Need to sort the ruck out and not too shabby considering the amount fo
players were new or coming back from injury last night. What was good was there
were several people chewing me out about not getting a game, all of whom
think/know they can do the job.

Onto this weekend, first team are away
to gateshead storm, meet 12:30 at avillion or 1pm at gateshead. Need to be
ready to warm up at 1:30, seconds meet at 1, same for you. Will speak with Luke
today about who is where exactly and post.





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